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Group Travel Pass

Group Pass Riders


If you have a group or organization with 20 or more riders, you may apply for a Group Master Pass, a minimum of 5 business days in advance. The Group Master Pass process is as simple as follows:

  1. Complete the online to form.
  2. A SunRail representative will follow up with you to confirm the details of your trip.
  3. An invoice is generated by SunRail and sent to you via email for immediate payment.
  4. The Group Master Pass will be sent via USPS Priority Mail to the designated leader of your group, or will be delivered to the boarding station, if a group presentation is requested.

For additional support and information on advance ticket purchases, contact SunRail Customer Service 1-855-RAIL-411 (724-5411)

Group Travel Pass Request Form






**Those with disabilities as certified by LYNX or Votran or with a valid Medicare card, and persons who are visually impaired may also self-certify for the discounted fare if they have an ID card issued by the Department of Blind Services. Before you purchase this type of discounted fare, please be aware that you must show a government issued valid ID if and when requested by the conductor on board the train.

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